About me

Welcome to SiriousThoughts! My name is Sirio and on this website, I share my thoughts on topics like self-development, online marketing, and current events. I created this website during the lockdown in Italy as a way to get my thoughts out and now I just really enjoy creating content for this site 🙂

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    In 2014 I started becoming interested in Online Marketing and never stopped learning since then. I had several projects during these years from creating websites for local customers to creating my own movie reviews site to learning SEO and much more. There are sooo many aspects of online marketing and I love learning new things.

    In 2014 I also started working for a company as a software developer then moved on to project management, to sales, to coaching, to product management… you name it. It’s a software company and I am very glad that I got all these opportunities to grow!

    During these years I also had some personal struggles which made me start to think more about psychological and philosophical topics. I have to say that helped me the most to grow as a person. I believe very much in self-development and becoming a better person and not just better in what you are doing.


    There are 3 main ways how I want to help other’s.


    I want to give people inputs on how they can become better as a person and in what they are doing. 3 core values that I have are passion, communication, and efficiency.

    Online Marketing

    This is a topic that is interesting for individuals as well as companies. The potential is endless! You can either create your own business online as an individual or grow your current business as a company.

    Idea realization

    I want to help people to make their dreams or their goals come true. Again as an individual or company, doesn’t matter. Currently, here I am focusing on software ideas since I have a lot of expertise in this industry and maybe in the future, I’ll be in a position where I can help in more industries. So, if you are an individual or a company with a software idea and you want to know if it’s doable or profitable or you need more inputs, I am the one that can help you bring the idea to paper and manage the implementation together with you.

    Why am I doing this? I want to be the person I would have needed in the past and I want to share my passions with others and through that help them achieve their goals and dreams.

    If you think I can help you with one of your projects, feel free to contact me!


    The goal of this site is to share my thoughts and my experiences with YOU. I am a big believer in open communication and sharing, that’s the only way how we can all grow faster together. And that’s how we will create a better world!


    Wealthy Affiliate

    I joined this platform in 2015 and this was the kick-start to my online marketing career and I am still a member today. I use it for training, hosting, the community and much more.

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    I discovered this email automation tool recently, it’s quite new on the market, but I like it a lot. I use it for my email marketing.

    UPDATE: I am not using Moosend anymore, because I also want to do Webinars and other things, so I switched to GetResponse.

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    I switched from Moosend to GetResponse because I needed also a functionality for Webinars. GetResponse is a known email marketing tool and everything works perfectly until now.

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    This platform I use to buy services from other people and I also offer my own services.

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    This is a keyword research tool (from the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) and I use it for keyword research myself, it has some cool features.

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    This is a cashback program that I use for online and local shopping to save a few bucks on every purchase.

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