You can have a great business, a great blog, a great website… but if you don’t know how to get traffic to your website, which means actual people that are interested in your website, it won’t make much sense. In this article, I would like to share my experiences on how to get traffic to your website for free.

There are 5 ways how to get traffic to your website for free

Social Media Marketing

To me, this was always one of the simplest ways to get traffic. There are of course different social media sites and I am going to talk about the ones that I used.


On Facebook it definitely makes sense to create your own business page where you post valuable content (without links), like videos, images or text. You will build a following like that. Occasionally also link to your new blog posts or website and get traffic from your followers.

Facebook doesn’t like if you just post links, your reach will get smaller. Facebook wants its users to stay on Facebook, so post interesting videos, that works best to get attention.

What you can also do is to join groups in your niche and post there with the same strategy. It’s always about providing some kind of value!

A Guide To Social Media Marketing For Business in 2020 with Facebook


On Instagram, it’s all about posting at least 3 cool pictures a day (of course again related to your niche). Be active on other pages, like and comment. That’s how you will be able to build a following faster. In your profile, you can add a link and you can take the passive way as I do and just leave it there in hope that people will notice it, ooor you can also once in a while create a story or a post to point out that you just published a new article on your website -> link in bio.

I have to say that these are the 2 main platforms I used to and still use. If you are interested in other alternatives, you can check out Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn …

Social Media Marketing traffic source

Forum Marketing

Okay, so here the only site I have experience with is Quora (not exactly a forum, but close for me). Quora is great because a lot of people ask questions daily about every topic you can imagine. Same thing here, follow questions related to your niche and answer them! When I say to answer them I don’t mean just put in a link but really try to answer the question and help the asker out. Here usually depending on the question, I don’t put in any link or if an article on my blog fits I will add it. Sometimes I tell people to go to my profile in Quora and click on the link there. Don’t just spam your link in every question. I did that once and Quora will block your account for a while.

Head over to Quora now!

How to Use Quora for Content Promotion?


Yes, I am also going to mention this, because this will be and is one of the best traffic sources. Why? Because people that will click on your links will be truly interested in what you do and there is loads of traffic on YouTube. This is one of the ways I am not using yet, but I am planning to do it.

I will publish videos related to the content that I am publishing here on SiriousThoughts. My goal with the YouTube channel will be, to give you even better inputs in video format (over the shoulder type of videos). If you don’t want to miss my first upload, would be glad if you already subscribe šŸ™‚

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Free YouTube Traffic Generation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another way how to get traffic to your website for free is through Search Engine Optimization. This is still one of the best traffic sources you can have. It takes the longest to build traffic from Google, but it’s the best kinda traffic you can wish for. It’s organic, which means if you rank for a certain keyword, that means that every month a certain amount of people will come to your website!

If you don’t know what SEO is, I explain it further in this article:
How to get ranked number 1 on Google

get traffic from google seo search engine optimization best traffic source

Email Marketing

This is one of the methods that definitely also takes more effort because you have to get people to give you your mail address. The best way to do that is to give free value (like an eBook, that’s what currently everybody does) or maybe a video. Once someone signs up to your email list, you can keep sending them emails though. This is still one of the most underrated methods and I will definitely write more articles about Email Marketing in the future!

I am currently using and testing 2 different tools for email marketing automation: Moosend and GetResponse

how to get traffic to your website for free through email marketing with GetResponse

Start building your traffic sources now!

These were 5 ways how to get traffic to your website for free that I used in the past and I am still using today. Tip: Choose one of these methods that speaks the most to you to start with and try to master it and then move on to try out a second one. This is one of the mistakes I made a lot in the past, I was too excited and tried out everything at the same time, which cost me a lot of time in the end. It’s better to master one thing first, the learning curve will be much better overall!

I hope that this article will help you to get more traffic to your website. Let me know in the comments which method I should explain in more detail šŸ™‚