If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you probably already know what affiliate marketing and email marketing are. And you probably realized that having your own email list can be very powerful for affiliate marketing.

Now let’s get to the point: How can you write an Email that actually converts? The goal in the end as an affiliate marketer, in the end, is to send traffic to an offer and get a commission.


Before we get to writing the actual email, there are a few important things that we have to address first.

Target Audience

A very simple principle in marketing, but you should know what kind of people are subscribed to your email list. So, for a good converting email you should understand your list first. What are they interested in? Do they have the money to spend on the products you want to promote, and so on… It’s more important to create a targeted list than a big list.

target audience in marketing

Choice of affiliate offers

Based on your target audience choose the products that you want to promote wisely. It doesn’t make sense to promote an SEO tool to an audience that is interested in health topics. You get the point and I know this is clear, but I made this mistake so many times to focus on sending a lot of emails instead of actually building a targeted list with the right offers in mind.

Let’s assume you have a targeted list with the right products to promote, now what?

Create a journey

One email won’t be enough to get someone to buy a product. You have to provide value to your audience first and build trust! So, what exactly can you do?

Customer Journey Email Funnel

Here is an example of an email funnel / journey:

  1. Introduction
    Introduce yourself, tell your story. Give a face to your emails. Which emails do you usually read? The ones from total strangers that land into your spam folder or the ones from people that you actually know?
    If this is something you don’t want to do, at least try to tell a story and what they can expect from being in this email list. Give context and show that you are the expert in the chosen topic.
  2. Problem
    Keep telling stories, but this time about the problem that the product that you promote will solve. Don’t talk about the product yet! Focus on the problem, the pain and maybe give a hint to a simple free solution.
  3. Value
    Provide a solution that your audience can use for free. But this solution of course is not perfect, because it is a lot of work… and so on. Here you can mention the product shortly, because your product is the perfect solution.
  4. Product
    Now you can get into more details of the product that you are promoting. Make it clear to your audience, why this product can actually help them.

This is an example of an email funnel. Throughout the journey reference your previous emails. If you want to take your email marketing to the next level record YouTube videos, that you can link in the email. The more personal you make it the better. The problem nowadays is that the internet is filled with crap, the attention span is very short and it is very hard to get the trust of people. Focus on building trust first before you try to sell something, general rule.

Of course, you can make the funnel more complex and send more emails, and so on. This is just one example how it could look like.

Example Email

Here is an example email that is part of one of my funnels. In this case, I am just telling a story, because I want people on my list to take a chance and build their own business and I want to show them the potential. Also, I am basically promoting a YouTube Video I made, so this funnel will drive some traffic towards the video. With all the marketing efforts that you do, think long-term not short-term. It’s something I had to learn to, but there are no shortcuts. If there is one, that you better be careful what the consequences are of taking that shortcut.

Example Email for Affiliate Marketing

This is not a perfect template, and I am not the best copywriter… BUT it works and I am being honest, that’s what is important to me.

Hi there, it’s me again: Sirio

I hope you are doing well!

Today in this email I wanted to share some actual results from my affiliate marketing efforts.

Background: In March 2020 I started the blog SiriousThoughts.com and focused on writing SEO and so on. In January of 2021, I founded my own company beSIRIOus that now has evolved a lot. This means since then I didn’t really focus on affiliate marketing and the blog anymore.

Now, back at the end of 2020, I wrote a few articles about AIs that generate content and made a very simple video about Article Forge how I used it to actually create some usable content.

In the past months through a few articles and that one Video, I actually generated a few sales! Why? Because I optimized the articles and the video to get traffic through the search algorithm and it’s working! Honestly, it’s not a lot of traffic and also not a lot of sales.

What I am trying to show you though is, that work that you put in today can pay off in the future. The interesting part about this is, that I didn’t do anything with those articles and videos the entire year, but I make a sale a month at least.

Do you realize the potential for you? Imagine you can reproduce this for many articles and products? Do you think you can make a living out of this?

Article Forge Video

Should you have any questions where you believe I could help you, don’t hesitate to write me on my private email: sirio.spe@gmail.com

Stay Sirious and kind regards,


If you are looking for a short free email marketing course, I created one here: Free Email Marketing Course

If you are still looking for a tool for your email marketing campaigns, I can really recommend GetResponse!