So, as you might know, I am also an Affiliate Marketer and I would like to share my experiences with you. This post is going to be about the Platform PhotoJobz which can be promoted through ClickBank. The question is: Is PhotoJobz a scam?

What I would like to do with this review is to give you a better insight into the product.

sell your photos online on photojobz

Premium Membership PhotoJobz

One thing that I immediately liked about this product is that you only pay $1 to access the content (for a limited amount of time).

What I DON’T like is, that the premium membership would go on automatically and costs much more than $1. Also, there is waaaay too little information before accessing the premium content that you actually get as a member. Also, it is waaaay too hard to cancel the membership.

I will go into each of these points in more detail. Now before that: what do you get when you become a member?

trail for $1 get paid to take photos photojobz review

Get Paid To Take Photos

So, the 2 screenshots you can see above are basically most of the information you get before joining. What would you assume you would get? A platform to sell your photos, right? That’s what I thought…

What you really get is access to content which explains HOW you can make money by selling pictures. It’s training to show you the different ways to make money by selling your photos.

videos about how to earn money online by taking pictures or as a photographer

There is a video series, which is okay. The quality of the videos is below standards, but it gives some helpful information. I looked through the platform and there are only 3 types of information: videos, PDFs, and links to other websites.

inside the platform photojobz

Do you really want to get paid to take photos?

If so, most of the information on PhotoJobz can be found by a little bit of research. Also, you have to be aware the methods like uploading your pictures to stock photo platforms are for PASSIVE income. This means you have to do it for a while and consistent and you will see the results only after some time. If you want to truly get paid for taking photos you should look around for freelance jobs locally. My recommendation when you are starting out would be to do both!

female taking picture make money online

Is PhotoJobz worth it?

So, is PhotoJobz a scam? Well, I would say it’s worth the $1 and use that time to go through all the material and download the PDFs. Before the trial period ends make sure to cancel. I don’t think it’s more worth than that. If the videos would be more qualitative and it would be a more elaborate platform instead of just a collection of videos, PDFs, and links it would definitely be worth more.

If you are still interested in joining PhotoJobz Click Here

How to cancel the subscription

Once you are done with going through the content these are the steps to cancel your membership:

photojobz membership area
photojobz support
membership cancellation

So, is PhotoJobz a scam?

Kind of yes, because it advertises something that it isn’t. But as mentioned before, I would go for the $1 trial and get the most out of it. There is some helpful information on how you can make money as a photographer.

I hope this review of PhotoJobz was helpful. If you are interested in serious ways how to make money online, you can subscribe to my list 🙂