To be honest, I usually don’t really follow politics that much because it’s just a big disappointment to me in general. I believe that in the next 2 years there are gonna be some big conflicts and crashes worldwide in politics and the economy. But I also am a believer that we can navigate through this. In the end, every one of us can change the world. It starts with kindness, with passion, with believing in a better world and doing every day something small to get to that vision.

I would like though to give some commentary about this specific topic.

Trump vs. Hillary

4 years ago when Trump and Hillary were running for president a YouTube channel call Charisma on Command which I watched regularly and still do predicted that trump was going to win. And he did. How did he predict it? Based on communication skills. And don’t get me wrong, Trump is not great at that, but he was better than Hillary.

Here is his prediction video, it’s worth watching!

Trump vs. Biden

And the channel published a new video on the 12th of October:

The sad thing to me about politics is, that if you watch all these “debates”… it’s not about the real problems it’s just about who is better at framing and making the other person seem less worthy. It’s not about who would be the better person to lead, but instead who is better at making the other person seem less worthy. It’s all manipulation… and it works! And it’s always about the lesser evil.

Soo, Charisma and Command is this year predicting that Biden will win. If you think about it there was also no harder time to be president than during this year of 2020. There were hard decisions to make and what I noticed also there, communication was lacking. Nobody explained from the beginning truthfully why certain decisions are made and that is something that I personally cannot stand. If a big decision is made, it should be clear what are the motivations behind it. Even if you don’t agree with the decision you at least understand why. Communication is so important in everyday life and even more if you are a leader of a whole f***ing state!!!

Are the candidates great public speakers?

Another person that I started following this year on YouTube is David JP Phillips. He made an analysis of both candidates and basically, both are not great public speakers. Both are average. You can sense that both aren’t truthful.

David did another analysis before this video where Trump scored higher. Somehow it seems that Trump lost a bit of his motivation, maybe he doesn’t even want to be reelected, who knows.

If you want to read more about communication and public speaking, check out my following posts:

My (not) prediction

My prediction is: None of those 2 should become president! If we are really living in a democratic world (mostly), then there should be an option to vote for reelection and to start over the whole process again. If there is no candidate that I believe in, why should I be forced to choose between the lesser evil?

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Let me know in the comments what you think and especially if you live in the US! Would be interesting to know how Trump being president really influenced your daily life. Like did you notice a difference? And if so, what was it?