EasyWP is a product by Namecheap and it is basically an easy way to host and setup WordPress sites with just a few mouse clicks.

I am hosting websites myself with EasyWP:

EasyWP hosted websites

I also am hosting some testing websites on Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate website hosting

Both hosting providers have a very easy way to set up a new site: choose your domain, choose a theme and your site is ready to go. Until now I just had great experiences with both.

Now let’s get to the money talk.

EasyWP Refer a Friend

If you are using this hosting service yourself, you can recommend this to your friends by sharing a link and you will get one month of free hosting. Cool thing is, also your friend will get 1 month for free!

How can you refer a friend and both get 1 month of free hosting?

In your EasyWP Dashboard just click on “Get Free Hosting”.

EasyWP hosting dashboard

Then you get to the following page, where you will find the link you can share.

EasyWP share and refer a friend and both get 1 month free hosting

Should you be interested in getting 1 month for free yourself, it would help me out if you use my link 🙂

Get 1 month free EasyWP hosting

Does EasyWP have also an Affiliate Program?

Now if you are an affiliate and you think: cool yeah, I get free hosting, but can I also get a commission?

Yes! There is also the possibility to promote Namecheap and EasyWP as an affiliate. They don’t have a direct affiliate program, but you can join platforms like Commission Junction and request to become an affiliate.

Once you did that, you can get different links for different offers to promote:

Commission Junction Dashboard with Affiliate Links for Namecheap and EasyWP offers

I searched for a good offer: If you want to start out and create your own website, I found a bundle with FREE Domain and shared Hosting.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger, check out this article: Can blogging be a career?