There are always “bad” things happening in the world… and currently, the topic number one worldwide is Covid-19 (how Corona the beer wants us to call it) or better known as the Coronavirus.

You hear about it every day and it has a big impact on everybody worldwide right now. You know about the things that are happening. So, I would like to share some positive thoughts about the Coronavirus.

See the positive things

You know the phrase “try to see the positive side” … I disagree with that phrase. Well, I don’t disagree with it, but I would say you should try to see both sides. The problem is that most people focus on the negative things because that’s what everyone is talking about. But train yourself to also see the positive side.

For example, this site wouldn’t exist at this time without the Coronavirus. Many now have the time to do things that they else would have never done. Everything is more relaxed if you think about it.

Focus on the important things

In many states now everybody is living the quarantine lifestyle, which means you stay at home, that’s it. You can’t do anything because everything is closed. Sounds awful right? And it kinda is, BUT it forces us to think a lot about things that are important to us because we are basically locked up at home, we realize what we truly miss doing the most. If you could choose one thing to do tomorrow, what would it be? I believe that your answer would include some kind of social contact, like doing something with your best friend. It’s human, humans need connections.

Most people currently are saying “I can’t wait until everything goes back to normal”. I hope everything won’t go back to “normal”. This experience changed a lot of people to move forward differently than we did before. I hope that people will have had the time to realize some things about themselves. I hope that this will bring humanity a step forward in the right direction.

Did you know…

that the pollution in China and worldwide dropped significantly because of the virus?

Coronavirus affecting the environment

I mean it is kinda logical. If everybody has to stay at home, you won’t have any traffic etc.

The water in Venice/IT is clear now and the air has also recorded to be cleaner in whole Italy.

Coronavirus affecting the environment

Maybe the earth is just trying to save themselves with the virus. That’s something we should take away from this event. For now, it’s not over yet but I believe this whole Corona-event will have a positive impact on the future, we just gotta learn from all what’s happening right now.

As I said, try to see the negative AND positive side of things. In the meantime stay safe and sound everybody, we are gonna get through this.