Today I felt the need to write something and I have a lot of topic ideas in my backlog, but just didn’t feel it… So I choose instead to write about that: writing πŸ˜€

writing while sitting

I am not really a reader…

What you have to know about me is, that I am not so much a reader. Most of the books I read are about self-development. Reading is definitely something I want to do more in the future, but generally, I am more of a visual and auditory learner. So I mostly watch videos on YouTube about loads of different topics. Maybe it’s because I am an impatient person (not so much now as I was in the past) or maybe the key characteristic that plays into this is efficiency. When I have a task to do, I usually try to do it in an efficient way. Efficient means the faster way but with the same qualitative output. And to me, videos are a more efficient way to absorb information. But that’s not what this post is about, got off track here πŸ˜›

The point is, I am not so much a reader. But what I do enjoy is writing. For me, it’s a way just to let my thoughts out by writing them down. When I write articles for this site it’s usually in one flow. I want you to feel like you are hearing my thoughts and for me, it’s much easier to write like this.

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How I approach writing

When I write about a topic here, it’s usually inspired by a thought I had during the day or a topic that is on my mind for a while, so it’s fresh in my brain and I just let it flow out. That doesn’t mean I don’t do research or I don’t prepare some kind of structure of the article before I write it. It means I try to have a basic idea of what I want to write about and what the messages are and I let my thoughts flow.

And today as I already wrote I felt the need to write something and so I want to use that energy, but I didn’t feel like writing about any specific topic like passion, success, or another review. Today I just wanted to let you in on my thoughts, what writing means to me, and how I approach it.

I would like to write more consistently in the future and if you have any topics you would like me to write about, just leave a comment! But there are days where I just don’t feel it, so I don’t write. When I write I want it to be genuine and being able to truly share my thoughts. Like you can see inside of my brain for a short moment.

thoughts while writing in your head

My journey as a “writer”

Well, these were my thoughts while I was writing. What I would also like to share with you is my journey as a “writer” (I am not a writer, that’s what the quotation marks are for).

Writing movie reviews

6 years ago I started by creating a site about movies (mostly movie reviews). Movies were and still are a big passion of mine (more in the past than now). But 6 years ago I think I watched a new movie nearly every day. It was my “shut off” ritual. And I also there thought why not share my thoughts on the movies? Of course, there are a lot of movie review sites out there, but I made a mix between the review and my opinion. Sadly after about 2 years, I stopped the site (was just a side project), but I learned a lot from it and had a lot of small successes like ranking on the first page of Google or getting daily visitors through Social Media and Search Engines.

writing movie reviews

Outsource writing

Then I have to say I didn’t write anymore that much, because I was really into online marketing… SEO, website creation, and the marketing aspect more specifically. So I felt like the writing part was the most time-consuming part and I outsourced that. So I paid people to write for me ( and I paid them to write blog posts and some eBooks. But I never was reeeeally satisfied with the results. If you are interested in doing that yourself I can recommend -> HireWriters <- if you are looking for quality. The quality is definitely a lot better than on Fiverr. But also it’s more about how much you are willing to spend.

SiriousThoughts – I am back!

Now a few years later I am back again writing myself… Why? Well, because I want my content to be genuine and come directly from me. Only this way I can make sure that my messages come across as I want them too (well I can’t really control that because it’s up to you to read it and interpret it), but it just feels more honest to me. And also, I started really liking the writing process. As you might know, I created this website during the lock-down here where I live and it is really liberating. I was and I still am sometimes an overthinker and writing is just a great way for me to let these thoughts out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post πŸ™‚

If you are interested in why I started a website about movie reviews, it was because I was looking for a way to do something I like doing and being able to live from that. Basically to have my own little online business. It was definitely more a hobby project to learn online marketing, but I had that initial thought.