The reason why online marketers continue to use email marketing is obvious: for the past decade, online email marketing has consistently generated the highest return on investment for online marketers. For each dollar spent on a website, email marketing produces $38 in return on investment and offers the widest scope of advertising options to marketers. Let’s take a look at a few of these email marketing tips to help you generate more leads and revenue.

5 email marketing tips how to build an email list

Email Marketing is talking to your customer base

First, remember that email marketing is a part of your overall business growth. When you make a mistake in an email campaign, you will lose leads. So, be careful in sending emails – make sure your content is relevant and helpful. Also, don’t send emails for promotions unless you really need to!

Imagine email marketing as having a short chat with someone and informing them about important news or just sharing something interesting.

sharing something interesting with your email list

Why should I read your email?

Second, remember that you should always include a “call to action” in your email marketing. Make sure to give your readers some reason to read your emails, even if it’s just your autoresponder.

The best way to create a good title is to ask yourself: Would I open this email?

why you need good email subject lines open rates report as spam

Check out this article from optinmonster for examples of how to write your email titles: 164 email subject lines that will increase your open rate

Why should I join your list?

Third, another good way to grow your email list is by offering incentives for your subscribers to join your list. Offering coupons or rewards like discounts or freebies can be very effective in generating leads.

Don’t spam your readers

Fourth, when you start building your email list, send out one email per month. Do this every month – if you haven’t seen any response, try again a few months later. You can of course also send more than one email per month, but be careful not to spam. Depending on your readers another time frame might be more appropriate.

You will have to find out the rhythm that works best for your readers. If I sign up for a 10-day challenge email list, I will expect to get one email per day for the next 10 days, so that would be fine. But just think about your own email box… It gets flooded and if you want to stand out, don’t spam.

don't spam your email list

Bring value with your emails!

Fifth, and probably the most important point to remember: your emails should stay informative and interesting. Don’t make your emails too salesy; instead, keep your emails to the point so your readers will want to know more.

It should always be about value. Value means that the reader can learn something new, has the advantage of reading the email, or is just being informed about something. Let’s say you are launching a new product: If I am a loyal customer I would be interested in being informed about that. I would be even happier if I get rewarded for being a loyal customer, by getting a discount.

bring value to others

Be social 😉

Sixth, when it comes to email campaigns, social networking is also a great way to generate traffic for your business. You can send out links and banners to your friends or family members, and this can help boost your business’s search engine rankings as well as creating relationships with people that you would not normally have had before.

Keep track of your results and adapt

Finally, remember to always test your traffic generation campaigns and strategies – no business is ever successful in the long run without traffic generation. As with all things, your marketing strategies are only as good as your results!

Once you get started, you’ll see that email marketing can bring you more traffic than ever. As a result, you may want to take the next step and invest in an autoresponder – your company will thank you.

In today’s age having an automation tool has soooo many advantages. You can send out a campaign to a big group of people in just minutes instead of having to rewrite every email again and again. “But I want my email to be personalized” – Sure you do, but in the end what are you gonna write differently? The name? A different sentence in the beginning based on what business it is? That’s also possible with automation tools 😉

Getresponse Review - How to Grow Your Email List Faster - CyberNaira

Automate your campaigns

An autoresponder is the best thing you could ever buy if you want to make email marketing work for you. It will help you track everything, track your leads and keep track of everything – including success and failure. If you’re anything like me, you spend a good amount of time reading online forums and trying to figure out how to increase your email list but don’t really put any effort into it because you don’t want to waste time or money.

An autoresponder will automate your email marketing efforts. With an autoresponder, you can set up a script that automatically sends out new emails and automatically send them out when someone opens the messages or clicks on the links in them. This can help you save a lot of time and make things much easier.

I am using 2 different automation tools at the moment: Moosend and GetResponse.

Moosend is quite new on the market and they already added new functionalities over the last months. I joined Moosend because you can pay with PayPal and they don’t block your account because you send emails about online marketing (like MailChimp did).

GetResponse I already used in the past and is definitely the more advanced tool and has more functionalities. I have to say currently I would recommend joining GetResponse over Moosend… But please do your research on what tool fits your needs better.

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