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improving and getting better at something
Self Development

How to get better at anything

Today I unlocked an achievement for myself. In the past 7 days, I published 7 articles on this blog 🙂 Which means I wrote one

woman feeling like a victim
Self Development

How to stop being the victim in life

If you already feel offended or attacked by the title, then you definitely should keep reading 😉 If not then you are already one step

little boy being proud of himself
Self Development

How to be proud of yourself

Every one of us has their own demons and struggles. Every one of us has a different story. And every one of us has different

comfort zone seek discomfort
Self Development

Getting out of your comfort zone

This is definitely something that is not easy and in my experience, there are people that try to stay there entire life within the comfort

Thoughts about having grown

Yes, I have grown (well, not in a literal sense, I am still not the tallest :D). I have grown mentally. Does that mean I

Thoughts about hope

This is a topic I have very strong feelings about. But before I jump into my thoughts, this is the official definition of “hope” on

Thoughts about communication

Communication combines so many things and being good at communicating is just a priceless skill that will help you in any kind of situation. I

Thoughts about public speaking

Soooo lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Videos of David JP Phillips about public speaking and I can just recommend you do the same.

Thoughts about stoicism

First of all, of course, I should explain what stoicism is about… Sometimes I am a bit lazy *eeehm* I mean efficient. So, I’ll give

Thoughts about ownership

What does ownership even mean? One meaning would be the things you own, your possessions. In this post, I will share my thoughts about ownership