Most of the affiliate marketers know what ClickBank is, but the question is: can ClickBank make YOU money?

What is ClickBank?

Very shortly ClickBank is a platform where vendors and affiliates meet. Vendors can make their product accessible and promotable for affiliates and therefore hopefully generate more sales. And affiliates can promote products and earn commissions.

So, can ClickBank make you money?

Yes, you actually have these 2 possibilities: Creating or promoting a product. Depending on your skills you should choose which way to go. I myself am starting to create my own products, but I don’t believe I will make them accessible through ClickBank because I want to be able to choose who can promote my product.

Currently, I focus mostly on content creation and I have an affiliate link here and there.

Did I make money with ClickBank?

I don’t really promote a lot of products from ClickBank, because most of them are not really products I want to promote. I only promote products I use myself or products I researched well and I know that they are worth the money.

But I did make a few commissions:

can clickbank make you money

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