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Current Events

Commentary and thoughts about different current events.

Presidential Election US 2020

To be honest, I usually don’t really follow politics that much because it’s just a big disappointment to me in general. I believe that in the next 2 years there are gonna be some big conflicts and crashes worldwide in politics and the economy. But I also am a believer…

Thoughts about home office

Many companies are now forced to let their employees work from home because of Covid-19. Here are my thoughts about home office… For more information and the current status of the status with Covid-19, you can visit the World Health Organization site and if you want to know my thoughts…

Thoughts about Covid-19 aka Coronavirus

There are always “bad” things happening in the world… and currently, the topic number one worldwide is Covid-19 (how Corona the beer wants us to call it) or better known as the Coronavirus. You hear about it every day and it has a big impact on everybody worldwide right now….

What is this site about?

Well, the main reason I created this site is that I need some kind of outlet for my thoughts. I am an overthinker and if you are one too, you know sometimes you can get stuck with certain thoughts. I experienced that when you share certain thoughts, it helps to…