Well, the main reason I created this site is that I need some kind of outlet for my thoughts. I am an overthinker and if you are one too, you know sometimes you can get stuck with certain thoughts. I experienced that when you share certain thoughts, it helps to get past them.

What will be the content of this site?

Basically I also don’t know what the content of this site will be exactly. Will it be a diary? Will it be me commenting about things currently happening in the world? Will it be me sharing some of my stories? It will be probably a little bit of everything.

What is my goal with this site?

My goal with this site is to connect with more people. I know it myself that sometimes you can feel really lonely and disconnected from the world. And if you find someone that is in the same situation as you or that thinks like you, you can feel less lonely. Also, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences to help and motivate others.

Should you have any suggestions about what I should write about, let me know in the comments.

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