I am doing a little challenge for myself with Fiverr. I want to optimize my gigs to get more orders on Fiverr or at least more views. I am basically doing a little experiment if the things I read really help!

The gig I am going to optimize for this challenge is the “Do long tail keyword research“.

more orders on fiverr with keyword research

When I created it, I just added one picture, a basic title, three packages and the following description.

gig fiverr description

These are the impressions I got (and only 2 clicks in the last 30 days).

fiverr gig analytics

What do Impressions mean on Fiverr?

Impressions are basically views. How often someone saw your gig on the website. It is how many times the thumbnail of your gig was shown in the search results.

How to get more orders on Fiverr – Experiment

Day 1 – improving the Gig photos

For now, I left the first image (because I researched some other gigs that were doing well and they had, in my opinion, shitty pictures and I thought the one I have kinda stands out and I like it).

What I did was to add 2 more pictures:

  • One about what tool I use (Jaaxy)
jaaxy keyword research - how to get more orders on fiverr
  • And one about an excel (a report that you will get when ordering this gig)
keyword list excel as proof for order

So, with the first picture I show that I am using a professional tool, and with the second one, what you will get. Both pictures give more insight into the quality of the service.

I checked the day afterward, but no big changes.

impressions fiverr gig how to get more

Day 2 – Gig Title and Keywords

I did some keyword research with my tool Jaaxy and I found that people, at least on Google, are searching more for “long tail keywords” and “find long tail keywords”. They also search for “long tail keyword research” but more related to finding a tool.

jaaxy keyword research best keyword research tool

So, because I am offering a service to find long tail keywords, I am gonna change the title accordingly. I did put the word “research” in the SEO title though:

title fiverr gig for more impressions

Now to the tags. For every Fiverr gig, you can use max. 5 keywords and the keywords are limited to 20 characters and 3 words. I am gonna try to mix it up with “finding keywords” and “keyword research”.

I went with the following keywords:

  • finding keywords
  • find seo keywords
  • best keywords
  • keyword research
  • seo keyword research

I had to play around with the formulations a lot because I couldn’t fit the specific keywords I wanted to use into the 20 characters and 3 words. So, I researched some long-tail keywords to get some ideas and basically put them together by feeling.

Learn more about how to get ranked on Google

My expectation is, that the impressions should go up the next day based on the changes made in the last 2 days. Let’s see…

And they did, but not too much, which could be unrelated to the changes I made. I guess we can see the real impact after a week.

impressions fiverr gig

Day 3 – Gig Meta Data & Description

So, until now I had chosen the following industry expertise.

metadata fiverr gig optimize for more orders

I thought about what I am interested in myself, and in which industry people would be interested to find good keywords and ended up with the following industries:

metadata fiverr gig optimize description

To get an idea of what description could be better and help boost my orders on Fiverr, I researched and analyzed some best selling gigs for the search term “keyword research” and this was the description I came up with (never copy content from others, not on Fiverr and not on your website… it is not fair to the other person and it won’t help you at all because search engine recognize duplicated content, put in the effort!)

fiverr gig description

One thing that should stand out is, that I can also do keyword research in German or Italian. I thought about creating separate Gigs per language since the language can be defined in the metadata (would be one way to get to a specific niche customer base others can’t get to).

Now again it’s time to wait. Let’s see the impact…

The results were not as expected at all. So since I started making the changes the impressions basically went down 😀

how to get more impressions fiverr gig

But I saved the “best” optimization as last.

Day 4 – Pricing

Sooo, my pricing is quite high if I want to get new clients and a lot of reviews…

pricing fiverr gig

When I created this gig it was with the thought, yeah I want to deliver great quality and rather have fewer customers than a lot. But, for starting out this is the wrong strategy.

When you are starting out you should always have a basic gig for $5 and that’s what I am going to do and also I will change the delivery time to 1 day. I believe that these changes should have the biggest impact.

pricing gig

And here are the results the next day:

impressions fiverr gig

Nothing impressive here… but if we look at the clicks:

clicks gig

I got 2 clicks on my Gig and as you can see I didn’t in a long time. I assume that’s related to the pricing because people on Fiverr are usually looking for cheaper Gigs if they come from Sellers with not a lot of reviews or maybe even 0.

I found out that I am on the first result page though when searching for “long tail keywords”

long tail keyword research

Sooo, I think I am going to stop this challenge here. But what did we learn? Well, basically that having a good description and more pictures and so on won’t be enough. You won’t get more orders overnight. What I purposely didn’t do these days was to promote my Gig on Social Media for example. And that should be the main takeaway: yes you should try to make your Gig page look good, research what others in this niche are doing who are successful, but without promotion and networking it will be hard to get an order.

What I will do in the next weeks is for sure also do these optimizations also for my other Gigs.

What else you can do to really get more orders on Fiverr

  • Make the image stand out (I will also have to maybe make a better picture to stand out in the search)
  • Add a video (this is also a big factor that will get you more orders, I am currently working on this)
  • Answer Buyer Requests (there is a section for this on Fiverr where you can answer buyer requests directly)
  • Promote your Gig (share it on Social Media, answer questions on Quora …)

I will definitely follow up on how to get more orders on Fiverr in a few weeks and keep you updated!