There are many different types of people. But I noticed you can kinda split people into 2 groups. Of course, there are many ways how to differentiate people, but lately, I’ve been thinking about why certain relationships are great in the beginning but after a few years they don’t work anymore? Or why there are very nice people on this earth, but on the other hand also very mean people? The same goes for very positive or very negative people…

As you can see these are more than 2 groups. But there is one thing that they have all in common. Instead of thinking about how people are, think about how they got there. Every single one of us has a story to tell, which explains perfectly, why you are where you are today. And it also explains, why you are like you are!

Why do some relationships go apart after some years?

Let’s take the example of the relationship not working out after a few years… What happens there? Think about life as a game for a moment and you have different levels you can reach. Now when the relationship starts, both are on the same kind of level that’s why it also clicked. But what happens in the following years is, that one person keeps leveling up but the other one gets stuck somewhere on the way. So, the levels are too far apart and the person that got stuck will probably stay stuck there for a while. Actually most people stay stuck then for their entire life, which is kinda sad. But it is their choice.

Well shit…

Now let’s look at the example with nice and mean people. As we all know, every person has to walk through shit at some point in there life… some of us are okay with it and learn to keep going and some of us hate it. The more lonely you are the harder it is to walk through shit. What I noticed is that actually the nicest people on this earth are usually the ones that walked through the most shit. That’s the reason why they are nice because they know what it feels like and want to make it easier for others. Now, what about mean people? Very simple… It doesn’t matter how much shit mean people walk through, the problem is that they get stuck in it and don’t keep moving forward. So, all that they can see around them is shit.

Actually this metaphor works also very well for positive and negative people.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

If we look at this from a further angle there are basically 2 paths in life. There is a hard path where you constantly have to work on yourself and keep adapting to new situations that life brings. The road is a rocky one. But it’s the same thing as with sports: the road will always be a difficult one, but you will improve along with it and eventually one day it will feel easier, even if it is the same rocky road. This is the path of change, being nice and positive.

The other path is the one that seems easy, maybe a nice walk through the woods. The problem is that in the woods you don’t see where you are going to and you will probably get stuck and disoriented because suddenly the path ends and you don’t know where to go. This is the path of not changing, probably being mean and mostly negative.

Of course, there are a lot of in-betweens of people. There are never groups of people where everybody has to fit in. But I think this is an interesting perspective and it actually explains a lot about where certain people are standing in their life.

Do you agree? Or maybe do you have a different perspective that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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