I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and I take responsibility for them. But I was in many situations where it just makes me sad to see how people truly are. If it is about money, most people become assholes. The problem is that I am the opposite and I don’t really care about money, but that gets me into trouble.

It’s all about the money, money, money

money money money greed

It’s just amazing how certain companies don’t care about the people at all. You know how many lives are destroyed by banks and companies that strip away the money from people that don’t have it? Is this fair?

Sheep follow because it’s easy

sheep follow money

And what do the employees think? They might not agree with what the company is doing, but they don’t have the guts to step in because then they might get a problem. Is that how it should be?

I saw already sooo many things in my life, and the scenario mentioned above too. But it still surprises me how people can become ignorant and greedy when it’s about money, without caring at all for the other person.

Yes, you are on your own

In the end, it just shows that everyone is out there on their own. In the end, no one will help you. That’s why you have to figure your shit out on your own.

Quote on Ownership

This is the reality of life… It’s sad. And even if you might not see it the same way, then you haven’t been in a situation like this before.

Take ownership over your own life

Let’s see the positive side

think positive

Buuuut… all that said. In my head it shouldn’t be like this!

Speak up!

speak up

If you work in a company and you see things happening that you don’t like especially when it comes to moral things: what will you do? I tell you what you should do: SPEAK UP! We can’t just do the easy thing… We have to make a choice and do the right thing, even if that’s harder.

Imagine a world…

Beautiful World not about money

But now imagine a world where the majority does this? Where people stand up for each other! Where people truly care about each other… doesn’t that sound like a beautiful place? And we are only one choice away from this reality. We have to make this choice every day. Do we do what’s easy or what is right?

We all together create this world

So, please… Next time you get the chance, do what is RIGHT!