It is easy to begin looking into the mirror and make resolutions to shift your life to embrace your heart-filled dreams. After that, it’s actually easy to get back on track and set and implement goals to manifest those dreams.

look at yourself in the mirror you are awesome

The question is…

Are you prepared to give up the familiar behaviors, patterns, habits and self-limiting belief systems that have caused you to feel stuck and frustrated with your current life situation?

We all have problems

Unless you take a deep, honest look at the current “status quo” and see where it is not working for you, you’ll never be able to make the necessary shifts to move forward in a meaningful way.

When you take a look at your problems, problems can easily become overwhelming. After all, problems create more problems. Not only are you dealing with your problems. You’re dealing with other people’s problems. So, who wants to deal with those kinds of problems all your life?

we all have problems the question is if we do something about them

Fearful outcomes can easily overwhelm you on your path to success. You can quickly become overwhelmed by your fears causing you to be stuck in the limited mode of blame, self-pity and excuses.

Start living on purpose

It doesn’t have to be that way! The following steps will take you from “sad bed” to “living on purpose” and never looking back.

When you look into the mirror and see that it doesn’t match the appearance you want to see, do something about it!

If you need help, get it!

let others help you

Start asking questions

If fear holds you back, look at it with an open mind and ask yourself the following questions:

Will this move me closer to my life goals?

This question is going to help you see whether your fears are surfacing from the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is where you store all your memories, beliefs and habits. Once you’ve established the basic premise from this question, you can start working on it.

goals in life

Is there a positive spin on it such as: What good can come from this experience?

This question will immediately let you know if you need to address the fear and release the emotional energy. When the answer to this question is no, there’s only something to be released.

What is the worst possible outcome of me pursuing this case?

If you have to climb mountains, can you do it? Do you see a vision of a successful run or your business in your head?

If your answer is yes, then I would challenge you to do something about it now!

Theodore Roosevelt quote: Do Something Now. If not you, who? If not here...

Is there a positive spin and a realistic outcome to the situation?

Pursuing your dream isn’t always easy. Here’s where reality can be closer to reality than fantasy. If you are facing a very large mountain in business and you want to make your dream come true one day, then go for it!

If you are facing a mountain of debt, the county government is threatened and your child is in jail, this is a nightmare you may not want to go back to at all. However, if you are facing the same 20% non-existent debt, and your business is the only product or service to sell, then you may rethink what it’s taking to get started, i.e. your dreams.

When was the last time you had dreams for your future? – my best self

Is the action I am choosing a logical, sound action that is leading to something positive?

Don’t over-analyze the situation or particularly try to find a great answer to this question about how you are going to accomplish your dream. You’ll never know unless you take action and continue working on what you are doing. If you’re doing the right things, you might have to cut back on your spending, but as long as you take action, good things will happen.

Is my dream aligned with my purpose and my passion?

Most of the time our passion and purpose will override if our dream isn’t aligned. This is why boundaries need to be set when pursuing our dreams and careers.

Follow your passion

If you are following your passion, you are doing exactly the things you enjoy about it. And when you are doing things that you enjoy, you have higher energy and you are naturally being more creative. You may also be feeling more connected with other like-minded people as well as feeling connected to your purpose as a soul.

If your career isn’t aligning with your dream, then you have got to make some changes in yourself for things to change. If you don’t, you will continue facing obstacles.

It isn’t easy to find your purpose and pursue it, but it’s worth it!