Today I unlocked an achievement for myself. In the past 7 days, I published 7 articles on this blog 🙂 Which means I wrote one article every day. Currently, I am not at that point yet where I have already a lot of blog posts pre-scheduled and pre-written. I usually write them just before publishing them.

And that made me think that I got a lot better at writing in the past month, so I thought: well, how do you get better at anything?

get better at anything through practice

What do you want to get better at?

First of all to get better at something you must set a goal or at least know what skill you want to improve. This might sound clear, but it really isn’t. I usually always have some kind of short term goal that I want to reach. Like with this blog I wanted to publish articles more consistently and set the goal to myself to publish at least every 2 days. And in this case, I even went over my goal.

Of course, just by doing something doesn’t mean you get better… or does it?

does practice make better?

Imagine how it could be

Okay, so let’s now dive into some steps you can actually take to get better at anything. For me, it’s generally always important to know WHY I should do something? Like why do I want to improve my writing? So, the first step: think about what you want to get better at and why! Imagine what it would be like to be better at that thing. Let’s say you want to improve your joke telling -> that could have an impact on your daily life because you are able to make people laugh very easily. Being good at something can be very rewarding in many ways.

being good at something can be very rewarding

Learn the theory

After you know what it is you want to improve and why the next thing would definitely be to do some research. Watch YouTube videos, read my articles :P, or buy a book or audio-book. Whatever is the best way for you to absorb information. And to make it clear, this doesn’t have to be a period of one month. This step can be as short as a day, but you should keep doing it also long-term.

learn the theory

Practice, practice… oh, and PRACTICE!

Now that you have new information, and this is the most important step, take action!!! Implement and practice the new things you researched, try it out, fail, and try again. Only with this step, you will truly get better at something. This is crucial. Imagine I would watch videos about writing and reading books and whatever, but I wouldn’t have created this website and I wouldn’t have written an article a day. PRACTICE!

practice practice practice

Have a vision to guide you

Just look out there and watch experts in their field. How do you think they got there? Exactly, through experience and constantly trying to improve. You have to create that loop between theory and practice. You can have a vision of how good you want to become, but also you must set realistic small goals and you will get closer to your vision step by step.

have a vision

Stay consistent, stay inspired, stay motivated

With this information, you should already be able to go out there and get better! BUT there is another important factor in this. Consistency is very important. No one becomes a, for example, pro boxer by training once a week… But how can you stay consistent? For me, the answer is through inspiration and motivation. If you watch a very skillful person, isn’t that something beautiful? I admire people a lot who made a choice one day: I want to become the best in this… and they did it! To me going out there and trying to be better every day is very inspiring and motivating… yeah maybe even fulfilling. So, maybe with this article, I could inspire you a little bit to go out there and try 🙂

which step have you reached? go out there and do it