Communication combines so many things and being good at communicating is just a priceless skill that will help you in any kind of situation. I am very interested in self-development in general, and improving your communication skills has just such a high value. To me, communication is key to being human. Like how did we get so far? If we wouldn’t be able to communicate our thoughts we wouldn’t be where we are today. Sure every single human has a brain and can solve problems on their own, but together we are even stronger.

Also, I noticed that A LOT of problems are caused by bad communication, which means if you are good at it, many problems can be avoided. And not just at work, but in everyday life in every kind of situation. If you are interested in improving your communication skills follow DavidJPPhillips on YouTube or if you are willing to spend some money, check out his online JPUniversity. I highly recommend him!

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Types of communication

Now that we have the introduction behind us, let’s think about what communication is and what types of communication exist. Communication at its core is basically an exchange of information. Not just we humans communicate animals do to of course.


Verbal communication is the one type that most think of as first. It’s talking, using your voice to communicate. It can be an in-person talk or a phone call and so on.


This post is a form of written communication or in the work environment, everybody is familiar with writing emails.


This is one of the most unconscious types and what I would assume most people don’t think about. It’s your body language, how you are standing, what you are doing with your hands, your facial expression, the tone of your voice, and much more. Now that I am writing this I am realizing that I am quite sensitive to this type of communication. For example, to me, it makes a very big difference in what tone you communicate with me.

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These are the 3 most important types of communication which basically we use every day. You might also think, wait a minute… Making a phone call is not the same as talking in person! You are right 😉 The difference is, when you make a phone call, you are not able to see the other person, which means a lot of signs that the other person can read are non-existent. Which means there is more room for misunderstandings.

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Conscious communication

That’s why it’s important to consciously choose the type of communication depending on what you have to communicate. One aspect that I also learned in communication is, the parts you don’t communicate are left up for interpretation to the listener. So, make sure to communicate the entire picture and not just a little piece of it. The other person doesn’t have the same picture as you have.

What I didn’t mention yet but what is also very very very important when communicating is listening! Actively listening and trying to draw the same picture in your head as the person speaking. In your work environment if you are in some kind of consulting position or you have direct contact with customers… LISTEN! Listen to them, try to fully understand what they are saying and you will see how much effect only that will have.

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If you are interested in a specific aspect I didn’t write about, let me know in the comments and I can write about that 🙂