This is my honest Backlink Beast review: Don’t buy it. I am a big fan of automation, so I wanted to test out an automatic backlinking software. Since I sometimes review products from ClickBank on this website I searched there for SEO backlinking software.

Automated Backlinking

First of all, I DO NOT recommend using software that automatically creates backlinks. This is a black-hat SEO strategy and while it might work short-term (that’s what I wanted to try myself), it won’t work mid or long-term. That’s why I also recommend staying away from buying backlinks from others on sites like Fiverr. You can read more on my Fiverr website review.

I sometimes test out some black-hat methods for fun and because there is always something that can be learned. Don’t do this for a website that is important to you.

Honest Backlink Beast Review

Well, this is going to be a very short review, because I basically went to the sales page and bought the Backlink Beast software:

backlink beast honest review - warning

Then, I clicked on the “Download or Access Digital Product” and created the account as the site wanted me to:

create account page

After creating the account I got no confirmation email, so I just tried to log in. No matter what credentials I try to use or even after using a different email when creating the account… nothing. I always end up on this page:

login page backlink beast

So, I didn’t even get to test the software. Then I also wrote to the support, but no answer yet…

If you stumble upon this product don’t buy it. (If you want to try this software out, if you type in the right search words you can find it for free as a cracked version, but you don’t know this from me :P)

Well, this was my Backlink Beast review, not a lot to say 😀