If you landed on this article, you will probably already know what Wealthy Affiliate is. In a nutshell, it’s a platform that provides you with the tools (like keyword research tool, web hosting, etc.) and the knowledge of how you can build your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate is mostly focused on creating niche sites and the traffic generation is based on creating a lot of content and being ranked for long-tail keywords. Now if this all sounds unfamiliar to you, it will be explained in the Wealthy Affiliate Training in detail.

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My experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I joined the program in 2015 and was very excited to start building something of my own. The first steps are to think about your passions and create content around that. I picked the movie niche at that time and basically wrote mostly movie reviews. I got a few articles to page 1 after a year without even really trying, so that was exciting. Later on, I created a second website about how to build your own online business, and there I wrote about all the tactics I tested out.

So, does Wealthy Affiliate really work?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate won’t work if you don’t. If you want to build something it’s up to you! There is no product, software or person in the world that can guarantee you your own success… for that you are responsible.

What Wealthy Affiliate will do is to give you the know-how, the tools and step-by step-guides on how to get there. But again, you are the one that has to take action.

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Should I join Wealthy Affiliate?

The reason why I joined Wealthy Affiliate was, because you can take a part of the course for free. So yes, check that out. It’s very valuable free information. If you then would like to continue the training and use Wealthy Affiliates full potential you can upgrade. But only then.

Don’t join if you are not willing to put in the effort.

put in the effort it gets easier wealthy affiliate works

Are there free sources of information?

Yes, for example, my blog or YouTube or the internet in general. That’s the thing, all the information is out there. So, if you really want to start an online business nothing is stopping you.

But to be honest, I did the same thing when I started out, I didn’t want to spend any money. But if you really want to build a business you will have to invest in a domain name, some tools later on (like keyword research) and so on.

Does Wealthy Affiliate work? It will if you do 😉

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