If you are looking for the best paying online freelance jobs as a side-hustle or a full-time job, well you’ve come to the right place. Freelancing isn’t easy because you need to be an expert in a certain area, you have to have a special skill set and connections.

But, don’t worry. There are a lot of possibilities to start freelancing right now. It takes time to build a business, and because of that you should start immediately and learn while you are taking the steps. Actually, that will give you the right motivation to learn, because once you have a customer you have to learn.

Where to find online freelance jobs?

Here are some websites where you can find freelance jobs online. These are not all websites that exist, but the ones that I have used myself.

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Fiverr is an online platform where you can buy and sell services (called Gigs on Fiverr). The price range is from $5 to over $500 per Gig and includes all sorts of services like graphic design, digital marketing, writing, video editing, programming, and much more. I used this platform when I started out my online marketing journey to buy logos and other kinds of services.

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UpWork find a job as freelancer

This is a more refined platform, which means if you are just starting out it will be harder to get hired here. UpWork is also a platform that allows companies to interview, hire, and work with freelancers. So, the perfect place for a freelancer! On the website, you will find job listings posted by the companies and then you can apply as a freelancer and start the interviewing process. This is a great platform if you have a good portfolio to show off. You need to prove that you are good at what you are doing.


flexjobs work remote and flexible

FlexJobs is not only for freelancers but generally for finding flexible and remote jobs. The very positive thing about FlexJobs is that all listings are very well-curated and monitored, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Because it takes a lot of effort to keep the site clean and offer the best value, FlexJobs is not for free.


solidgigs finds online freelancing jobs for you

SolidGigs has a different concept than the sites mentioned above. If you are a freelancer the sentence “time is money” is very true. Every hour you don’t work on a project you are basically losing money. This means all the time you spend searching for good freelance job listings is lost money. SolidGigs does exactly that for you: every week they send you the best offerings currently on the web. They also have a lot of resources to get better at being hired with a lot of templates, again saving you time.

Find local freelance jobs

Depending on where you live this next site might help you or not. But if you live at least somewhat near to a larger city you should find some jobs. Anyways this next site can also be used to find remote work.


find online freelance jobs on craigslist

Craigslist is not just for selling junk that you have at home and you don’t need anymore. It can also be a great way to get customers, just browse through the jobs sections that relate to what you can offer.

Freelance jobs for writers

If you are a writer or you just enjoy writing a lot, good news: Writing is a service that is requested and required A LOT online! You can use all the above-mentioned platforms to find jobs as a writer, or the following sites that are only for writing services.



I stumbled across this site a few years ago to get content written for me and actually made a few connections and then started hiring always the same writers. That writer could be you! I paid around $50 per 500 word article, so not too bad! The rate you get paid varies on your level and the jobs you accept. If you like writing this is a great platform for some side income or to build a full time income stream.


iWriter Blog

iWriter is an online platform that helps writers to get tiny / cheap freelancing jobs to big and profitable ones. You have to do a test to prove that you can write in English. You can write from product reviews, to doing translations to doing research.


contena the best online freelance writing jobs

Contena has a lot of great high quality well paying writing freelance jobs. They feature writing gigs but also full-time writing remote jobs. There was once even a job paying $10,000/mo for an eBook writing gig. There are a lot of trustworthy companies searching for good writers on this platform.

Start your own blog!

I started my own blog because I wanted to build my own online business. At that time I didn’t know that I would enjoy creating content so much. But also the other way around: if you love creating content, why not monetize it? There are great ways how you can monetize a blog: with affiliate marketing, selling guest posts, selling a service, selling a digital product, selling eBooks… Why not earn a living by doing what you love?

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Freelance jobs for graphic designer

Same as writing, graphic design is a highly demanded skill also in the online world. Same as for the writing jobs, you can use the platforms mentioned in the first section. Here are a few platforms specifically for graphic design freelance job listings.

99 Designs

99 Designs works like this: A company puts out a design contest and designers can submit their work. The company then decides which one is the best and the designer gets paid. This is of course not optimal because if you don’t win you will not get paid.

Envato Studio

envato studio freelancing jobs logo design

This is a platform I used myself to buy WordPress themes and plugins, but also Logos are sold on this market. If Logo-design is your thing, check out Envato!

Legit freelance jobs opportunities

I hope you found something that interests you in this list. But I would like to mention a few other ways how you can make money as a freelancer that I know of or even did myself.

Online freelance developer jobs

online freelance jobs as a developer

Like writing and graphic design, developing is a skill that is on high demand and will even get more demand in the future. If you want to learn a new skill, coding might just be the right path.

Become a freelance photographer

become a freelance photographer and get paid online

There are multiple ways how to make money as a photographer. You can sell your pictures on stock image sites or for example, get local jobs as a photographer. From taking pictures at an event to taking pictures for an eCommerce store… Just look through the internet and think about all the pictures that you see: somebody must have taken them right? 😉

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Online freelance jobs as a specialist

online freelancing jobs become a specialist

Freelancing is possible with any kind of special skill. For example, I am building a company that is specialized in SEO. At first, I basically am a freelance SEO specialist that does SEO for customers. After a while, I would like to get employees to take over the work though.

Doing this kind of thing can be done in multiple areas. If you are a specialist, you can sell it as a service. Again the most difficult part as an entrepreneur or freelancer is getting customers.

There are soooo many other ways I would like to mention, but that would be too much for one article. Let me know in the comments what you would like me to write about next 🙂