Let’s answer the question “Can blogging be a career?”. The short answer is yes. But before you embark on the blogging journey you should be aware of a few things, which I will share with you in this article.

What is blogging?

If you are asking the question “can blogging be a career” then you should probably already know what it is… Nonetheless, I will explain it in a very simplified way.

blogging can be a career

Blogging in the past started off as a kind of online journal for individuals. The word “blog” is a shortened form of “weblog”. Makes sense right? Blogging is basically sharing your thoughts on a regular basis and allow others to comment and have an engaged community.

My thoughts about writing

What’s an important takeaway is that blogging in the past didn’t have any financial incentives, but entrepreneurs and individuals quickly realized that there are possibilities to do that.

Why should you start a blog?

Blogging is work, you have to realize that. Writing content on a regular basis is work. So, why should you start a blog? There are many reasons why and I am going to split them depending on your situation.

follow your passion

Can blogging be a career as an individual?

The main reason you should create a blog is that you want to! Because you enjoy writing because you enjoy sharing your thoughts. If you start a blog just for the purpose of making money, there are better ways how to make money online quickly. For example, build an email list with an autoresponder like GetResponse and do affiliate marketing that way.

GetResponse Email Marketing instead of blogging

If you start a blog you should do it out of passion. The thing is, that it will take more time than you think to get some visitors, at least if you don’t have any further experience with online marketing. You will have to learn many skills if you want to have a successful blog.

So, can blogging be a career? Yes, it can develop into a career. But it certainly won’t start off as one from the beginning on.

Blogging as a business

Just do it! Blogging as a business will blow up in the next years because it is another layer of trust and value that you can bring as a business. I already know a lot of businesses that say: “But what should I write about?“. Everything! Your daily challenges as a business, cool projects you are doing, just general thoughts and topics and stories you want to share!

ideas what to write about

If you are a business, you should definitely hire professionals for this (another way how blogging can be a career as an individual). You need at least resources that have the skills to create this type of content and an SEO specialist. The goal of the blog is to boost your website and get more visitors from search engines.

That results in more trust and more value to your current customers and basically an additional way to generate leads through the online world. I just launched my own company were I do SEO for companies, so I will definitely write more about this topic in the future 😉

How blogging changed my life

More than 5 years ago I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and it made me realize that are ways how to make money online (without being scammed). The concept is basically creating a blog around your passion.

find your passion

This started off a lot of thoughts in my head about passion, working from wherever you want, financial freedom, … It opened a new world to me. From more than 5 years ago ’til today I have created a lot of websites and had my successes. The problem is that life got in the way and I wasn’t mentally strong enough to keep certain projects going aaaand I am a person that tries out EVERYTHING. Which means sometimes in the past it was hard for me to focus on one project. BUT I learned so much about online marketing and SEO in those years that I was able to launch my own company 🙂

launching my own company

So, blogging is not my career per se, but it enabled me to follow my passions, and now blogging itself has become a passion of mine. It allows me to process my thoughts by writing about them and I sometimes just think if one article affects one person in this world in a positive way, then my goal is reached.

SECRET TIP: If you are an over-thinker, you might love blogging (or just in general writing your thoughts down)

Can blogging really make money?

Well, currently this blog, for example, doesn’t really bring in a lot of money. I am making a few affiliate commissions here and there. Of course, once I have more visitors that would change.

monetize your blog and make blogging into a career

But yes, if you really focus on SEO and promoting your blog, blogging can make money. There are different ways how to monetize your blog like Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, selling a product or service, …

I had “Google AdSense” on one of my blogs once, but I hated it. I don’t like it because it ruins the feeling of your website and it’s just annoying. Who of us likes ads? So, the way I monetize my online appearance, in general, is with affiliate marketing, and now of course that I launched my own company by selling services and in the future also products.

So, can blogging be a career?

It certainly can be a career, if you get a job as a blogger in a company. If you start your own blog it is more like owning a little business. The focus is definitely on the content creation, but you also have to market your blog and have some kind of monetization.

If you are really interested in starting your own blog and making a career out of it, I can highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It gives you all the tools and know-how needed to start off.

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