Did you know that there exists an AI for writers? Me neither… In this article, I will write about Artificial Intelligence in general and how it got to generating articles.

Artificial Intelligence – OpenAI

Artificial intelligence is one of the big buzzwords nowadays, but many people are still confused about what artificial intelligence actually is. OpenAI is an open AI research firm, with the aim of advancing artificial intelligent systems in the most beneficial manner possible. The goal is to further develop artificial intelligence in the most desirable manner possible, unconstrained by the need to make a profit. They will not sell any of their AI discoveries and will not use the profits from any products developed for them as the primary motive.

The main aim of OpenAI is to ensure that it is not dependent on anyone’s source of funding. This is not an attempt at stealing intellectual property, but an attempt to develop a technology that can run independently, with no outside interference. In this sense, it is similar to other autonomous systems, like self-driving cars or space shuttles, but unlike them, it will be more independent. In order to do this, OpenAI will be using the latest supercomputers as well as other high-tech equipment that are not publicly owned. This means that they will not be competing with private companies because these will not have access to these materials. They will also not have to pay royalties for the rights to these materials.

To put it simply, OpenAI will be developing artificially intelligent systems which are designed to help humanity, without any outside interference. However, it will have to find the best way to do so, and this is where OpenAI comes into play. OpenAI will be responsible for identifying problems in artificial intelligence and then designing solutions to these problems. The aim of the research will be to create artificially intelligent systems that are capable of operating on their own, without the intervention of any human being.

Yes, this part of the article was generated by an AI ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now it’s me again writing. Before we go into more detail about AI for writers, I would like to explain to you what kinds of artificial intelligence are out there.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive machines

This type of AI doesn’t have a memory. They are very narrow and basically just react to inputs. This is the oldest type of AI and IBM’s Deep Blue is probably the most known example. This AI beat the world chess champion on May 11, 1997.

AI as a chess player - beat the world chess champion in 1997

Limited Memory

This is the next step of a reactive machine. This type of AI also learns from historical data and is used for chatbots, self-driving cars and virtual assistants.

Theory of Mind

The goal of this type of AI is to understand the needs of the entity it’s interacting with… us humans. This type of AI is currently being researched and developed.


Basically, this would be an AI that emulates a human brain. And yes, one day this might be possible. Isn’t that fascinating and scary at the same time?

self aware artificial intelligence for writers

Forbes wrote a great article about the types of AI, read the full article here.

OpenAI GPT-3: A writing AI?

I don’t remember how, but somehow I stumbled upon this article: A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

I usually also try to follow what Elon Musk is up to and just to make it clear, yes I am a fan of him. Because I think he is doing great work out there that others would be too scared to do. Trust me… in the future, we will all be happy for the work that Elon Musk is doing right now.

After reading the article above I looked more into the GPT-3 AI and it’s basically an AI that understands language and so can also write articles. Yes, WRITE not generate. This was kinda eye-opening for me because I followed the progress of AI for a while now, and this is a really big step! If you do some research, there are a few demos you can check out to see what it is capable to do.

The MIT also wrote an article about this: OpenAIโ€™s new language generator GPT-3 is shockingly goodโ€”and completely mindless

AI For Writers

I have been writing on my own websites for a while now (Thoughts about writing)… and in the past, I also started to outsource the writing part. So, of course, my head thought: hey… couldn’t we use AI for generating articles for blogs? And after some further research, guess what? Yes, it is already possible.

AI writer online for article generation


This is the first site I stumbled upon -> AI-Writer

I signed up immediately and generated a few articles but wasn’t really impressed. Like yes, it generated an article that you could post. Basically, you type in a keyword, and based on that keyword it generates an article. So, I tried out different keywords, but the results were moderate.

ai writer

What I think this could be used for is mainly research, because it gives you an idea of what you can write about.


This is the second AI for writing that I found. Here you just choose your niche topic and it automatically generates an article about that topic. This AI gives you less control over the output, but the quality of the articles was definitely better than the one from AI-Writer which gives you more control over the output.

Article Forge

Of course, the best comes last. This was the last AI writer software that I tried out and I was amazed by the results. Also, Article Forge gives you full control over the output by you being able to type in a main keyword and sub keywords. And the quality of the articles is also great. The amazing thing is, that the articles are really “written”. Every generated article is unique. That can only be done by some type of AI ๐Ÿ˜‰

ai generating articles article forge

You can also choose how long your article should be:

article forge customize

And if the AI should also search for an image and video:

article forge image and video

If you are interested in Article Forge, you can try it out for free and see for yourself.

Find the AI written article

Now I would like to reveal the experiment I did and test your knowledge about humans and AI ๐Ÿ˜›

Find the impostor: which one of these articles has been written by an AI?

If you are really interested in finding out if an AI can fool you have a look at these articles and come back afterward. I will reveal which article has been written by an AI in the next paragraph.

——————————- SPOILER ———————————-

And the price goes to…

Correct, all of them ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay, but maybe you noticed that the quality of the articles went a bit up. Now I would like to shortly explain what I did with each article and which AI for writers I used.

Article 1 – Generated with Kafkai

The first article I posted that was written by an AI was “Get Unstuck and Start Living Your Dream“. This article I fully generated with Kafkai and I didn’t change anything. I just added the sub-titles and pictures that was it.

Article 2 – Generated with Article Forge

The second article I generated with Article Forge5 Email Marketing Tips โ€“ How to Build an Email List“. Here I did the same thing, I added sub-titles and pictures but also a few paragraphs that I wrote myself to make the article feel a bit more like I wrote it.

Article 3 – Generated with Article Forge (advanced)

Building Backlinks For Internet Marketing Sites” – What I did here was to generate one long article, then write the sub-titles and then generate a short article for each sub-title. Then of course again I added pictures and a few paragraphs written by me. This is the article I am happiest about.

artificial intelligence can write

Thoughts about AI for writers

Well, in general, I think as I said in the beginning that AI is very fascinating and scary at the same time. I believe that as with everything in life we have to find the right way how to use these tools and not misuse them. AI will bring a lot of value in the future but also we have to be careful.

If you think about social media it was also this big great thing and nowadays it made us more unsocial than social. But that’s not the fault of the platform or Mark Zuckerberg. It’s because we as humans misuse technology. So it’s up to us what it will become… and the same thing with AI. AI is not the problem… we are! So let’s make conscious decisions about where we wanna go with this.

How to use AI for writing

Now let’s get to the AI for writers. I still enjoy the process of writing and to me, it’s important that there is something personal about each article. BUT what can we use the AI for? I think I will use it for inspiration: if I want to write an article about something I let the AI generate one first to get a rough idea of what one perspective of the article could be. Also for research-based articles, AI can be very helpful. I believe a mix of both is the best ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take the best from both worlds and create something new out of that.