I stumbled upon this product and I asked myself: is Click Wealth System a scam? It’s one of those classical marketing things, where they promise you to make money just with a few clicks. Well, I bought it and I tested it. This is my honest review!

What is the Click Wealth System?

In a very short sentence, basically, it is a done for you email sequence for GetResponse promoting the Click Wealth System 😀 I gotta say, that the creator of this is very smart. Before I am going to judge if it’s worth spending the money, I’ll just give you an insight into how exactly it works.

Easy click-by-click setup

First of all, they have a few steps you have to do, to set up the system. It is actually very easy. Basically, you need a ClickBank account and a GetResponse account for the email automation.

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inside the click wealth system

Done for you email sequence

Basically, the Click Wealth System website will automatically create an email sequence in GetResponse promoting their own product through ClickBank. This means every time you make a commission they also sell another Click Wealth System membership.

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Included Landing Pages

Also, they have predefined landing pages to collect emails, they are okay I guess, and be careful as always with ClickBank products a lot of up-sells, for example for even better landing pages (I didn’t buy it).

done for you landing page

Get traffic to your landing page

Then they also give you 2 methods of how to drive traffic to your landing page. Free methods you can start implementing yourself or to pay for traffic from influencers. I have to say I already knew about a lot of these methods, but there is always a new aspect to learn.

Actually they also give you a 100 free visitors to your landing page.

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click wealthy system traffic methods

Well, this all might sound amazing and very easy, but here a few of my critical comments.

  • The email sequence is very aggressive
    (not my style, I want to be honest and bring value)
  • It all looks very scammy
    (the landing pages and the system itself, it all looks very scammy)
  • Big up-sells
    (I never like when the up-sells are more expensive then the initial amount)

I am not using this product anymore, because as I wrote it’s not my style.

If you are interested in learning generally how to make money by promoting products from ClickBank or how even to create your own product, check out my ClickBank University 2.0 Review.

My Click Wealth System Review

The system works and it’s actually one of the things that I have been searching for a while, an easy done for you system. Landing pages are ready, email funnel is done for you. If you want to make money in a lazy way, this for sure is for you!

Now, for me personally: I like to build my own funnels, so I have more control over what is written about and I can promote products that I really like. With a done for you funnel, of course you can go through it and change it, but that would defeat the purpose.

I have to say, It’s also a good way to learn more about how Email Marketing works because you get a real working example of how the email funnel could look like and you also get working examples of landing pages. Now the work you have to do with this system is getting traffic to your landing pages. There they share free and paid methods within the platform.

If all this sounds interesting to you, check it out: Get the access now!

Beware of the up-sells if you join. Just click them away and start off with the basic version! Once you made your money back you could reinvest it for the better versions. I usually never buy up-sells, don’t fall into that trap 😉

So, is Click Wealth System a scam?

No, it’s not a scam. It gives you actually a build for your system. Is the system very qualitative? No. Can I make money with this? Yes. Will this work forever? No.

If you are interested in how you can make money with email marketing, this would give you a great glimpse into it, because you literally get everything needed in your hands. Is this the best way to build an email marketing business? No, there are much better ways!!!

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