I have been doing affiliate marketing for the past 5 years now and I always stumbled upon products from ClickBank, but does ClickBank really work?

What is ClickBank and how does it work?

ClickBank is a platform for vendors (people who create and own products and want to increase their sales numbers) and affiliate marketers (people like me that build an audience online and can promote the products from the vendors). It is basically a platform for vendors and affiliates to meet. Once you have access to the platform you can basically promote all the products on there.

How to make money on ClickBank

Practically there are 2 ways how you could earn money. By selling your own digital products or by becoming an affiliate. I will focus on the affiliate part in this article.

More about affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I would like to teach you some methods that I used in affiliate marketing generally to earn commissions.

Create your own blog

Well, I have to mention this method since I am writing this article on my blog. To me, this is still one of my favorite ways because it combines a lot of aspects of online marketing.

create your own blog to promote products

The first thing you will have to do is think of a topic (a niche) that you can or want to write about. For me, it is online marketing and self-development. These are 2 topics I am really passionate about.

Of course, then you also need to find products to promote… I try to mainly only promote products I use myself, like Wealthy Affiliate or at least products I bought myself so I can give an honest opinion about them. Later in this article, I will also write my honest opinion about ClickBank in general.

Build an email list

Email marketing is one of the topics I got into at a later stage of my journey, but it is one of my favorite ways to build an audience. Theoretically, you could use this method without even having a blog, but just by writing your content into emails. It’s actually even more comfortable because emails shouldn’t be that long.

start building your own email list for affiliate marketing

Email advertising has still a lot of potentials and can be highly automatized. I like that aspect of it. The difficult part here is to get people to sign up and keep them engaged so that they open your emails also in the future.

You can read more here:

These are actually my 2 main ways to build an audience which I focus on currently. In the future, I would like to expand to YouTube.

If you want to make money with ClickBank for free you can use the above-mentioned methods. For example, MailChimp has a free starter kit (don’t recommend MailChimp though) or GetResponse has a 30-day-free-trial, that I can recommend.

My experience with ClickBank

So, does ClickBank really work? I honestly only started promoting products on ClickBank actively in the past month. Not a lot, but I made my first commissions:

sales on my clickbank account

Now, I could see result because I already had an email list and this blog. If you are just starting out, don’t expect a commission in the first month.

The problem with the ClickBank marketplace

My problem with ClickBank is, that most of the products are very low quality. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good ones, but most of the products you can clearly see that they were only made to make money and not really providing good value. That’s why I say, don’t promote something you didn’t research very well or even better what you didn’t try yourself.

does clickbank really work: a look inside

So, my tip: Do your research before you promote something. You don’t want to promote shitty products. And forget about all the gravity filter and stuff like that. A more interesting factor is the recurring billing if people stay signed up with the product. That means the users are satisfied. But again, please don’t start promoting shitty products just for the money.

And that is the problem with ClickBank, that nothing is really regulated. Like everybody can just sign up and start promoting or uploading a product to promote. Do I want that to be changed? No. I want affiliates to be more responsible with what they promote.

Referral Program

ClickBank itself has a referral program. The referral program is for refering new vendors. So, if a new vendor signs up with your link you will basically get a commission on the sales they generate.

More information about the referral program

If you are interested to become a vendor on ClickBank, please use my referral link below. Becoming a vendor on ClickBank has the advantage that if you have a great product, you will stand out! Make sure to create resources for affiliates (like banners, email sequences, etc.).

Payment methods

  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire
  • Checks

More information about payment and accounting policies

Products to promote

The products that I have promoted so far from ClickBank are:

Conclusion: Does ClickBank work?

Yes, ClickBank works. It’s a very easy-to-use platform and there are a few great products on it. But again, if you start promoting products from ClickBank, please do your research 🙂

If you want to learn more about how to make money with ClickBank in more detail, check out The ClickBank University 2.0